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Dive Sites
We have over 60 different Dive sites. These are just some:


Dive Site:                           
Turtle Bay at Buck Island                                                                 
Depth:                                  20 feet
Travel time to site:         15 Minutes
Level:                                   Beginner

Description:                      Easy Dive with several Green Turtle, Sting Rays and
                                                other tropical fishes. Great place to share with family
                                                and friends. This site is especially suited to
                                                snorkeling and first time Divers.

Dive Site:                            Dive Flag                                                                                                                         
Depth:                                  25 to 65 feet
Travel time to site:         15 Minutes
                                   Beginner to Intermediate

                      Dive Flag is a beautiful reef north of Buck Island with
                                                an abundance of fish and coral
Varieties.  Nurse sharks
                                                and the spotted Eagle ray frequent the area.
The reef is
                                                a wall that reaches 65 feet. This is a great dive
                                                for photographers.


Dive Site:                           
Cow and Calf                                                               
Depth:                                  20 to 45 feet
Travel time to site:         10 Minutes

Description:                      Cow and Calf are two of the most recognized Dive sites
                                                in St Thomas.
Small caves and beautiful Elkhorn corals
                                                are the dominant features. Since         this dive site is in a 
                                               nationally protected park you will find an abundance of
                                               lobsters, crabs and other hunted creatures. There are
                                               good opportunities to see nurse sharks, turtles and angel
                                              fish, sand dollars and other flourishing protected sea life..


Dive Site:                            
Dog Island                                                                   
Depth:                                  20 to 45 feet
Travel time to site:        15 Minutes

Description:                      Just South east of Little James Island is a place where
                                                the Caribbean Sea lions was nesting. It is unspoiled and
                                                remote. This is a Dive site where we always see Rays and
                                                find Sand Dollars.
The current varies from day to day so
                                                a drift dive may be an added bonus.

Dive Site:                            Navy Barges                                                                
Depth:                                  30 to 60 feet
Travel time to site:         15 Minutes
Level:                                   Beginner

These four shallow and one deeper well lit wrecks are a
                                              haven for marine life. They
were used as accommodation
                                              barges during the 2nd
World War.
                                              After the war they were used as a navy
training area and
                                              finally sunk in 1961. The  wrecks are
 encrusted with
                                              sponges and corals. Many hiding spaces are
                                              occupied by Octupuses. Bring your camera with you !


Dive Site:                            Packet Rock                                                                
Depth:                                  50 feet
Travel time to site:         10 Minutes
Level:                                   Beginner

Description:                      At 50 feet, this mini-pinnacle is named for one of the
                                               unlucky ships that have hit the rock over the years, the
Warwick, a Royal Mail Packet Steamship.
Back in
                                               1816, Captain Simpson was making way to Charlotte
                                               Amalie Harbor when he hit Packet Rock.  The Warwick
                                               was carrying cargo to St. Thomas and in an attempt to
                                               save his ship, Captain Simpson ordered that the cargo be
                                               thrown overboard.  Unfortunately, they were unable to
                                               save the ship and it eventually sank.
 All that now
                                               remains are roofing tiles, broken pottery shards, clay
                                               smoking pipes and a giant cauldron.
Packet Rock is also home to huge French and queen angelfish, schools
                                              of barracuda, hawksbill turtles, the occasional nurse shark and triggerfish.

Dive Site:                           
Depth:                                  30 to 60 feet
Travel time to site:         10 Minutes
Level:                                   Beginner to Intermediate

Description:                      Nicely protected on the Lee side of Great St James, Stragglers is
                                    the perfect option on a rough stormy day!

                                   The dive starts in a small but very pretty system of canyons
                                   where you can often find nurse sharks and turtles.
There is also a
                                   beautiful reef wall section where you may get lucky and catch a
                                               passing spotted eagle ray or even small reef shark!








Intermediate and Advanced

Dive Site:                            Congor                                                                                                           
Depth:                                  35 to 75 feet
Travel time to site:         20 Minutes
Level:                                   Beginner to Advanced

This site is considered a Dive in the Atlantic and not 
Caribbean.You will see the difference in the size of sea fans,
                                               crabs and a different  ‘crowd of fish’. At the right time of the
                                               year you will swim among 10,000 bait fish with  tuna, jacks,
                                               tarpons and pelicans hunting them. A wall with surprises!

Dive Site:                            
Drift dive                                                                      
Depth:                                  20 to 75 feet
Travel time to site:        10 to 40 Minutes
                                 Beginner to Advanced

Description:                      We have several Dive sites for Drift diving. Dependent
                                                on the current, waves, time of day and weather we select
                                                the most appropriate site.
Enjoy your dive and on
                                                surfacing the boat will be waiting next to you.
Drift diving
                                                is very relaxing and YES we have a captain who knows
                                               what he
 is doing !!

Dive Site:
                     RMS Rhone
Depth:                                   30 to 80 feet  
Travel time to site:          2 hours

Built in 1865 at the Millwall Ironworks on the Isle of
London, She measured in at 310 feet (94 m) long
                                                  and had two masts with a 40-foot (12 m) beam. Her
                                                  propeller was the second bronze propeller ever built.
                                                  She sported 253 first class, 30 second class and 30 
                                                 third class cabins. On October 19, 1867, the ship sank
                                                 swiftly in a Hurricane, the bow section in eighty feet
                                                 of water, the stern in thirty. Of the original 146 aboard,
                                                 plus an unknown  number of passengers transferred
                                                 from the Conway, only 23 people (all crew) survived
                                                 the wreck.
                                                Today the boat is broken down. It takes a long time to reach, since we have to go to Customs and
                                                Immigration in the BVI and US. It is a long day with extra costs. Bring your Passport with you.

Dive Site:                     French Cup                                                                         
Depth:                                  55 to 85 feet
Travel time to site:         20 Minutes
Level:                                    Intermediate

                 This one of our personal favorite dive sites. It is close to
                                    the South drop, so
 there is always a surprise waiting for us:
                                                big fish and lots of them.
It is a place where 
it is easy to forget
                                                the time so you will need a dive computer for this dive.
                                                Bring your camera for this dive. It doesn’t get better!

Dive Site:                   WIT Shoal                                                                                                                               
Depth:                        35 to 95 feet

Travel time to site:        
45 minutes

                 The WIT Shoal was originally a warship, known as LST (Landing
                                               Ship Tanks) 467, build in 1943 , 328 foot long. She
  was purchased
                                               by  the  West  Indies  Transport
 (WIT), and renamed the
                                               WIT Shoal II. 
                                               She was used as a  freighter until she sank in Tropical Storm Klaus,
                                               on November 6, 1984. Today the WIT Shoal is  one  of our favorite
                                               diving wrecks of St. Thomas. With 5 levels and decks to explore for
                                               divers there is always something new to explore. Also home for
                                               several Sharks, Turtles and schools of Jacks. 

Dive Site:
WIT     Concrete                                                                                                                           
Depth:                            55 to 95 feet
Travel time to site:            
30 minutes
Advanced Diver

                      The WIT Concrete was build in 1943 in Oakland, California and
                                                  sunk in Hurricane Marylyn 1995 near Crown Bay. The wreck was
                                                  blocking the boat channel, so it was raised from the bottom of the
                                                  sea and re-sunk at the new location. The ship was a fuel carrier
                                                  during WW2 commissioned in the Pacific. The wreck is almost 
                                                 completely preserved with the exception of the stern section where
                                                  we can see the "ribs" of the construction. 
We regularly can encounter large sharks, turtles, rays and jacks.

Dive Site:                           
Miss    Opportunity                                                                                                             
Depth:                                  45 to 95 feet
Travel time to site:         40 minutes
                           Advanced Diver   

Description:                      The Miss Opportunity rests on her right side in 95
                                                feet on a sandy bottom. She is over 300 feet long and
                                               it is possible to dive the entire lenght inside the hull with 
                                               plenty of "escape" holes. Miss Opportunity was serving
                                              as a Naval Hospital ship. She sunk 1985.
                                              She has a resident octopus, look for her in one of
                                              the upper portholes, several big lobsters and other fishes
                                              calling her home.

Dive Site:                   WIT Power
Depth:                                  90 to 100 feet 
Travel timer to site:       45 minutes
                          Advanced Diver   

                      The WIT Power originally sunk in Krum Bay, south of St Thomas
                                                during Tropical Storm Klaus November 06, 1984. In attempt to rise 
                                                her in April 1985 the salvage operation encountered several 
                                                obstacles and complication and she sunk again. She is one of the
                                                most intact wrecks in St Thomas. Smaller in size, she is only 120 feet
                                                long and 50 feet tall. She sits upright on the sandy bottom. She is 
                                                covered with coral growth and home to several schools of fish.

Dive Site:                           
Cessna Multi Engine Airplane                                                      
Depth:                                   95 feet
Travel time to site:         30 Minutes
Level:                                   Advanced

Description:                      Accident occurred Saturday, February 08, 1997 in St. Thomas, VI
Aircraft: Cessna 402C, 8 seater, registration: N318AB , 2 Fatal.

                                                As the flight made a visual approach to the airport from the south
over the sea, at night, the pilot changed his navigation radio from

                                                the VOR to the ILS system for runway 10 and lost DME.
                                               The Pilot 
lost control and plunged into the sea. Today lobster found a new home under her wings. She is in
                                                good shape and a pleasure for divers who are
Aviation fanatics.

Dive Site:                           
DC-3 Airplane                                                                                   
Depth:                                  105 feet
Travel time to site:         35 Minutes
Level:                                    Advanced

Description:                      Early morning of July 19, 2006, the DC-3 registration number
                                                N782T crashed 1 mile short of the airport into the sea. The 4
                                                crew on board were unharmed and saved shortly after.The DC-3
                                               floated for a while, and then pitched over nose first and dove 105 ft.
                                               Build 1942 at the Douglas factory in Santa Monica, California. She
                                               served during World 2 in England. After the war she changed ownership from an American Oil Company in
                                               1955 to an Malaysian Airline named Pan Malaysia in 1976. The final owner purchased her in 1980 (Tol Air
                                              Service) based in Puerto Rico. She is still toay a sorce of many "Island rumors". Since she is in deep water,
                                              the time to explore for Advanced divers is short but wort every minute !

Dive Site:                            Grainton                                                           
Depth:                                  100 feet                 
Travel time to site:         30 Minutes                                                                                             
Level:                                   Advanced

Description:                     The SS Grainton was built by Chapman & Willan and
                                               launched on 26th of March 1911. She was a Royal
                                               Naval Collier and later chartered for wheat cargos
                                              from the US to Australia. On the 31st of May 1928 she
                                              struck Rocks off Saba Island and was re-floated and
                                              taken in tow, but it never reached her  intended
                                              destination. SS Grainton lies in a depht of 110 feet with
                                              open gunwales, exposing her 3 cylinder
                                              20 feet high and 10 feet wide stem engine. Today a lot
                                             of imagination is needed to be able to see how
                                             magnificent this boat once was. Nurse shark encounters are quite common today under her "belly".


Dive Site:                           
The Arena                                                                       
Depth:                                  25 to 75 feet
Travel time to site:         60 Minutes
Level:                                   Advanced

Description:                      Usually a drift dive, "The Arena" is a natural
sand-filled bowl within a ring of volcanic boulders,
covered with gorgonians and filled with corals, sponges,
sea rods, and sea fans more common to deeper water.
                                                Since it is a long way to go it is unspoiled and prestige.
                                               A dream for all photographer and Dive lovers.








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